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When it comes to orchestrating the project, Building Preservation Services will look after it all. We can offer specific start and finish dates, provide advice on co-ordinating other trades as well as giving customers general maintenance advice for your property.

Maintenance Advice

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At Building Preservation Services our experienced specialists can offer general renovation advice and a range of treatments including damp proofing, damp treatments, dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm treatments. Buildings that have been made before the introduction of the UK Building Regulations in the 1930s can sometimes experience issues that will affect their fabric. We work to preserve and maintain these properties in Taunton and Somerset by offering guaranteed professional and experienced work which is carried out by our specialists


We have the knowledge and experience to efficiently complete your building preservation projects in order to meet time and cost goals. But most importantly, we aim to make it an exciting collaboration. Since 1990, our small but invaluable team has provided customers with the best damp proofing service available in the Somerset area.

Tackling and treating damp to ensure long term protection requires a high level of technical expertise and experience: We detect the source of the dampness, we cure it, we remove the affected timber, and then install the necessary damp treatment requirements.


Our damp company team will ensure the works we carry out on site are efficient and offer minimum disruption to property occupants. Call us today on 01823 323 363.

01823 323 363

We will produce a professional report and estimate for all damp proofing and other treatments, allowing you to clearly see the proposed work and what it will cost. Our services are competitively priced, and in addition to our prices we also offer long term guarantees, which can be supported by insurance.

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