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Dry rot is caused by a specific type of fungus. You need to understand how the fungus develops and lives in order to identify how best to resolve a problem. We are expertly trained to identify exactly how to solve each dry rot outbreak.

Dry Rot Treatment in Taunton, Bridgewater and Throughout Somerset


Serpula Lacrymans, the dry rot fungus, will penetrate wood and masonry in an infected area. Our experienced surveyors can identify and treat outbreaks in both materials for your complete peace of mind.

Woodwork and Masonry Treated

 •  Knowledge of a wide range of fungi

 •  Identifying the source of moisture

 •  Repairing the cause

 •  Treating fungal infection

 •  Damp proofing treatment, if appropriate


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Expert technicians using the latest treatments to remove dry rot from your home

Dry rot caused by the Serpula Lacrymans fungus. Building Preservation Services will correctly identify the fungus before any treatment is administered. The most effective treatment can then be used.

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Dry rot fungus

Buildings created before the introduction of building regulations in the 1930s can experience a number of issues that affect their fabric. At Building Preservation Services we offer you a range of treatments to cover these problems. Click forward to read about wet rot, damp and woodworm treatments.

Problems with older buildings

Dry rot fungus Dry rot appearing on a wooden strut

True dry rot (Serpula Lacrymans) is the most serious form of fungal decay in buildings. It penetrates masonry to affect neighbouring properties and produces its own moisture to dampen previously dry timber. In a suitable environment the rate of growth can be rapid so prompt diagnosis and treatment are essential.

What is dry rot?

Dry rot requires specialist knowledge of the fungus and its characteristics to determine the extent of treatment. The team at Building Preservation Services in Taunton can establish the cause of the dampness and cure it. Removal of the affected timber is vital, as is the thorough sterilisation of masonry in the affected area. Specialised treatment is also required to all replacement timbers and to areas of exposed masonry where timbers are to be re-fitted.

How is it treated?