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Older buildings tend to be the main victims of damp. At Building Preservation Services we deal with all older properties sympathetically. Our work always has consideration for period features.

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Rising damp and penetrating damp are caused by different problems in a building. The cause of the problem must be resolved before any remedial issues can be treated. At Building Preservation Services we identify the causes of a damp issue first. We can then work to fix your home and restore it to normal conditions.

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Our technicians are all fully qualified, and we are registered with the Guild of Master Craftsmen. We carry out a wide range of building preservation work across the Somerset area. Click through to find out more about our wet rot, dry rot and woodworm treatments.

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Rising damp in buildings occurs when water rises up through the building materials at ground level. Depending on the absorbency of the materials, rising damp usually affects walls up to 1 metre high, although it can occur at higher levels under certain circumstances. It manifests itself as peeling, stained wallpaper or paint, decaying wall plaster and possibly fungal decay in associated timberwork, such as skirtings, door frames etc.


Building Preservation Services will remove the decayed plaster, drill and inject a chemical damp course fluid/paste into the affected walls, and then re-plaster the walls.


Any timber affected by fungal decay will be removed.

What is rising damp and how can it be treated?

Penetrating damp is caused by water being absorbed through the walls from outside the building. This usually occurs in properties surrounded by high ground levels or those affected by external problems such as defective roof coverings, cracked/blown render and faulty guttering. Building Preservation Services will treat your penetrating damp problem below ground with the application of a tanking system (a specialised plastering job).


Where external defects have occurred these should be rectified and damp timberwork checked for decay. If the timberwork is sound, it should be monitored and dried out completely before concealing it. Where saturation of the internal plasterwork has occurred, it may be necessary to re-plaster using a damp proof plaster specification.

What is penetrating damp and how is it treated?